Welcome to the Crincoli and Mullen Exotic Bengals Cattery Website. Here you will find information on the Bengal breed. Once you get the opportunity to be around a Bengal cat, it instantly makes a home in your heart. That is whats known as, "the Bengal Fever". The Bengal cat is like a cat of no other. These cats are very smart and some will even go as far as calling them "dog like" (If they like dogs that is). The Bengal cat is known to play fetch, swim and come when called. But the Bengal cat has so much more to offer. The bengal cat has a beautiful leopard print coat that will take your breath away. They are not only awesome and playful cats but they have the looks to back it up. So here at Crincoli and Mullen Exotic Bengals Cattery we have the "bengal fever". Come catch it too.

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